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BD Remodeling Company of San Francisco Peninsula offers full architectural design services for both residential and commercial projects, which include the following:

Complimentary initial meeting to discuss the potential project.

Building and zoning code research to establish development parameters for potential projects.

Site and building research and documentation to establish existing site conditions.

Production of as-built drawings which document the existing site and structure.

Development of schematic design drawings which include: site plan, floor plans, exterior elevations, building sections, perspective drawings. These drawings are used, as necessary, to describe the design concept(s) in enough detail so as to make decisions about which concept(s) warrant further development.
Two or three different initial schemes are often reviewed during the schematic design phase.

When a scheme is chosen and approved by the client, the project then moves into the design development phase. At this point, the structural engineer is contracted to begin the structural design, which is a required part of the construction/permit documents.

Design development is the beginning of the permit/construction document phase, which develops the site plan, floor plans, exterior elevations, building sections and other detail drawings into a set of documents. This set of documents can be used for bidding, permitting or construction and often for all three at once. Quite often before the permit process starts, the documents are used to get a preliminary bid for the project to check adherence to budget.
Detail drawings mentioned above typically include construction sections and details which illustrate a specific interior or exterior architectural condition. Other drawings typically include surveys, electrical and lighting plans and interior elevations where cabinetry and casework are included in the project.

At this point the structural engineer works towards completion of their design which includes: general structural notes, framing plans which locate and show all elements designed by the engineer (footings, posts, beams), and specific structural details.

Upon completion of the permit/construction set of documents, the project is ready for permitting and/or construction. When building permits are required, permit intake appointments are made and attended as necessary, permit corrections are completed and all administrative duties associated with obtaining the building permit are carried out.

Project bidding and construction are key project phases and often require varying degrees of involvement depending on both the project complexity and the scope of work/services agreed upon initially. Typically the project architect is involved in the selection of the general contractor which involves interviewing the contractor and reviewing their bids.

The primary task for the project architect during construction is to observe the construction to ensure that the project adheres to the construction/permit documents and to answer the contractor’s questions with regard to the construction/permit documents.

Some projects require shop drawings from the general contractor’s subcontractors and those drawings in turn will be reviewed and approved by the architect.

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